Air Power! – first aired 11-30-2014

Welcome to Air Power!

In this episode of Air Power! we’ll talk to some ladies that love to shoot airguns.  We’ll also talk about the new Walther LGU and other products that have caught our attention.

Karen Hocker and the Evanix X2K Sniper

Karen Hocker and the Evanix X2K Sniper

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Products Discussed on the show:

  • Umarex APX multi-pump youth airgun
  • Hammerli 850 Air Magnum
  • Galatian QE .22 Caliber
  • Inovairtech MAC35
  • Evanix Sniper – X2K international version
  • Crosman 1322
  • Megaboom Supersonic Targets


  • Talking with special guests.
    • Ladies Shooting Airguns: Cheryl Eutsler, Karen Hocker, Robin Atherton
  • Walther LGU
  • Shooting the Megaboom here in the studio!
  • Listener Questions
    • Importance of owning a Chronograph
    • Hammer De-bouncer on the Marauder Rifle
    • other general airgun questions


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