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Welcome to The Eagle Radio Network! We have set ourselves apart from most of the other networks on the internet in that we seek to bring only the best in family programming.

My name is Richard D. Eutsler, Sr. and I started doing internet radio in 2008 under the name of Rick Davis, an old stage name I used as a musician.  Everywhere I went, it seemed that the networks were only interesting in filling space and getting numbers.  Content meant nothing to them.  I soon realized that if you put out trash, flies are bound to gather.  It is very hard to have a fine eating establishment in the center of a garbage dump!

I admit that I am a little slow sometimes, it only took me three years to realize that if I wanted to promote quality radio on a network, I would have to build it myself.  So here it is:  The New Eagle Radio Network.  I say new, because I and some close associates started The Eagle Radio Network back in the early 90’s as a satellite network but with the high cost of satellite (remember the “big ugly dish”) and supporting structure together with the lack of support from those who used it, we had to shut it down.  We have learned a lot since those days and now with the internet becoming more and more a ‘social network’ we believe it is time to “Rise Above” the garbage dumps of internet radio and bring the Eagle back.

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2014 Conference

2014 Ministers Conference audio is available online (For audio of the 2014 Ministers Conference, click here.)